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Zanette was founded in 1962 as a company focused on quality, with strategically located factory and stores in between the provinces of Pordenone and Treviso.
Right from the outset, it was strongly active on the international market, where the quality of Italian design held particular importance.
Zanette philosophy bases itself on continual affinity with the present times, in order to amass the tastes and requests of a varied and cosmopolitan client base.
The Zanette product is always able to anticipate and interpret, with consistency of style and versatility, the intention of any home requirement.
The creative input of the designers can be seen with the floaty feel and soft tones which enshroud the products, magically created by highly skilled hands.
Coplanar doors are also one of the latest technologies for wardrobe sliding door system Zanette has been using it since the 90s.
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