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Floritelli have been manufactured kitchens over three generations. The company was established in 1950 by Guiseppe Floritelli who transformed his skill as a joiner initially into an artisan firm and then thanks to his son Franco into a structured company. Now run by the third generation of the family, Floritelli cuicine has been consolidated as a semi-industrial concern which makes it artisan roots the real strength and seal of a product made in Italy characterised by undisputed quality in terms of functionality, technology and materials.
The production of Floritelli Cucine spans from traditional kitchens to the concept of contemporary design. The considerable attention devoted to the use of the state-of art materials, technologies and optimised hardware is flanked by outstanding artisan skill which guarantees control and customising of the unique product. The company’s proud and joy is, in fact the possibility to create made to measure production, customised and non- standard, guaranteed by flexibility.
Both for classic and contemporary environments, the study of design has become of vital importance and for two years now, Floritelli have an “INVENT” design and development department which analyses and draws up to the guidelines for collections and approaches innovative and experimental projects.

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