Ceramiche Flaminia

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Today Flaminia, specialized in ceramic sanitary ware, stands out by maintaining its production in-house, guaranteeing high quality strictly “Made in Italy”.
Flaminia combines the most advanced production process with consolidated workmanship abilities enabling to confront even the most difficult challenges with a continuous open-mind towards experimentation. Ceramiche Flaminia, which has recently collaborated with Alessandro Mendini, often works with important international designers who have never had the opportunity to realize projects in ceramics before.
It dedicates all it’s energy in elaborating creative solutions that give the designer’s forms and creativity to the product, making each project more and more complex, resulting in a new phase in the research of the aesthetical and functional potentials of ceramics.( The bathroom , an oasis of design )
According to Flaminia the bathroom is the fulcrum of the home, an intimate space to furnish in detail. No longer a bathroom but a living space where every single element is a result of a project far from the classical and conventional codes that have conditioned the sector for too long. A innovative vision that has pushed Flaminia , especially during the 90’s, to involve famous international designers exploring the expressive valance of ceramics and creating collections that unite technical performance and emotion with the ability to determine new trends and invent new modern languages.

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