Disegno Ceramica

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Interpret the design along two complementary directions: technology and design.
An innovative production system that follows the highest quality standards in the world of ceramic production dedicated to the bathroom; and a system designed to fully meet the industrial production and the distribution on the market.
The design of the ceramic production is the balance between the expertise in manufacturing and a vibrant creativity, supported by the study of the market that allows you to keep the good relationship offer – demand.
The result is the steady growth and the reaching of the goals.
All this is Disegno Ceramica, a brand extremely timely that continuously offers the opportunity to coordinate production, the project and marketing. All thanks to a style of communication that confirm the quality of Disegno Ceramica.
Disegno Ceramica is an Italian ceramics manufacturer committed to producing the ultimate in design & functionality. In the modern conception of the bathroom, the area surrounding the washbasin represents an infinite opportunity to experiment artistic creativity in the search for ergonomic solutions. With this philosophy in mind, Disegno Ceramica has created a wide range of products aimed at satisfying the aesthetic needs and the demands of the available space.
Disegno’s ceramic basins & tubs are certainly objects of beauty and will inspire any new bathroom design or renovation.

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