2MD kitchens can tell a lot about your home.

We provide you with ample opportunity to personalize your kitchen by either using our imported Italian Kitchens or our Locally made Kitchens, with solutions suited to both large and small areas, “made to measure” to cater for all requirements.

A design department, with skilled designers and all the very best technologies at your disposal will optimize your space to the fullest. For 2MD creating a Kitchen design means assuming the responsibility to first trace out and then develop a complete and harmonious idea around your desires.

Our modern kitchens supplied by Floritelli are a combination of beauty, timeless elegance and quality, made using a sophisticated production processes to maintain long lasting structural stability. All the hardware is tested to withstand heavy-duty use and thus to ensure the longest life of the kitchen with a variety of collections..

Our classic kitchens supplied by Floritelli are the tradition of products made in Italy conveyed through craftsmanship quality and unsurpassed attention to detail which is never superficial. Living naturally, surrounded by special details that make your space unique, smooth, welcoming and provides comfort with durability. They have been conceived for cosmopolitan people who love beauty, art, reflecting, travelling and those who also cherish traditional values.

Our local kitchens are a wide range of affordable designs, finishes and accessories to ensure your ideal kitchen expectations are met. Designed for people who love modern and classic look at best value.